5 Reasons to Get Professional Hair & Makeup Done for Family Photos

I remember the first time I heard a photographer recommend professional hair and makeup for family photos. It was years ago. And I remember being surprised – I felt like that was *extra.* How much better could someone do my makeup than me? Well, the tides have turned and I now preach it from the rooftops. It makes SUCH a difference! Read on to hear my five reasons you should get professional hair and makeup done for family photos.

1. When you look extra beautiful, you feel extra beautiful. And when you feel extra beautiful, you GLOW in your photos!

Remember how you felt on your wedding day? Stunning, glowing, superhuman, and GORGEOUS? And remember how you were beaming in those photos? Imagine having THAT feeling during your family photos. No worrying about your curls sitting right, your hair having enough volume, your lipstick being right, your mascara smearing — when you know you look like a million bucks, you’ll act like it! It’ll just radiate and you’ll be GLOWING.

(Side note, I personally remember getting my wedding makeup trial done and being so bummed I didn’t have plans afterward. I wanted to go to Target just to walk around and show off how beautiful I knew I looked!!!)


2. You’ll be less stressed on the day of your session (and leading up to it!)

Getting everyone ELSE ready, making sure everyone is fed, getting the car loaded…now imagine if you didn’t have to factor in your hair and makeup routine before all of that. Magic! It’s one less thing you have to think about and honestly, that’s a pretty big deal!

A therapist once told me, “Even if something only reduces your stress level by 5%, take it. Every time.” And friends, this will reduce your stress level by much more than 5%! It’s absolutely worth it.

3. Avoid makeup disasters!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had them. And usually at the worst possible times!


  • Ever poke yourself in the eye with your eyeliner or mascara, and now your eye won’t stop watering, and it ruins the rest of your makeup, and now you have to take it all off and start over…when you’re already running late…? Oh, just me?
  • Okay what about trying a new lip color, only to get it outside your actual lip, and then realize it was stain and now you are dealing with a disaster trying to cover it up with foundation? Again, probably only me. 😉
  • Or have you ever decided to try something *new* with your hair or makeup because it’s a special event, only for it to turn into a royal disaster? (Let’s be honest, a special occasion is NOT the time to try something new by yourself but alas, I continue to find myself learning this the hard way.)
  • Last one – have you ever tried fake eyelashes for the first time and ended up with a sticky, frustrated mess?

Murphy’s Law says that if something CAN go wrong, it WILL. And for whatever reason, this seems to hold extra true when it comes to getting ready for important events. Save yourself the impending panic!

4. Speaking of fake lashes, they’re getting their own bullet point here. Talk about one way to seriously LEVEL UP your photos.
I’ll say this: I’ve never had a client get fake lashes for a session and regret it. In fact, they always seem to decide they can’t go without them for future sessions!
(Am I also talking about myself here?! Yes. Prepare to be hooked!)

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