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I offer parents a more custom, candid and boutique option for school portraits. I pride myself on capturing high quality photographs that accentuate each child’s individual personality. I will not force a child to smile and instead aim to capture their authenticity and natural expressiveness.

I believe I have a service that parents crave for marking these fleeting school memories and I am confident that this program can add value to your school. I shoot all the portraits myself and let my online digital system take care of ordering and processing payments. I minimally interrupt classroom schedules and provide a unique product to your families through our innovative portrait system.

I offer flexible scheduling, so you get to decide whether spring, fall, or any other time is best. 

If you would like this to replace yearbook photos, I recommend fall. If you would like this to be an added bonus for parents in addition to yearbook photos, January through March is a great time of year!

I work with each school directly to find a suitable indoor space to take photos on campus. I provide all gear for photo day including a backdrop, flash setup, and camera equipment.

Nope, quite the opposite! Your school does not pay me a penny, and I donate 10% of my net profit to you!

I offer prints and digitals, as well as packages that include both. Prints start at $15 and packages start at $25. I also offer custom studio products such as gallery wraps. 

My entire system is hosted online. Proofs are released for viewing through an online link, and all orders and payments are processed online. The school does not have to worry about printed proofs, order forms, or handling/processing money. My online system takes care of everything.

I offer 4 different print packages and 2 different digital collections. I also offer custom gallery wraps up to 30”x40” and framed prints in several sizes.

Absolutely not! Participation is not required. I will shoot portraits of every child on campus and provide proofs for each child we photograph. Proofs will be provided digitally, so your teachers will not have to worry about collecting order forms or un-purchased proofs. If parents do not want to participate, they are not obligated.

Yes! I am happy to provide your school with a donation of 10% of all net profits. Please allow up to 6 weeks after delivery of school products to receive this gift.

After I shoot the pictures, it will take approximately 3-6 weeks for proofs to be released to the parents. The order deadline will be listed for one week after proof release. Once all orders are in, products will begin to arrive 2-4 weeks later. I will personally deliver all of the products to the school.

I do have a simple contract which outlines the basic services I provide to your school, as well as details on the revenue shared with your school. The contract covers basic topics such as safety, liability, logistics, payments, and scheduling. I am more than happy to provide a copy of this contract for your review.

I try to keep my asks minimal to make it as easy for you as possible. That said, I will need a few things including classroom rosters, daily classroom schedules, a map of the school, and a list of any special instructions or sensitive information you think may be pertinent. Also, if your school utilizes a mass email system to notify parents of various announcements, I would love to take advantage of that once or twice during this process to remind and encourage participation in our program. If additional items pop up along the way, I will be sure to communicate those needs with you.

Nope! If an assistant is needed depending on your school’s size, I will provide one. 

We will be indoors, so it is very unlikely that we will have to make adjustments because of the weather (especially here in Southern California!). We will make every effort to stay on schedule despite the weather. In the case where there are fires or unsafe conditions, it may be in our best interest to select another day. 

San Diego & Temecula School Photographer

“I could not recommend Julia enough. She goes above and beyond, and her photos of my kids are literally my absolute favorite that have ever been taken.”

– Ashley B.


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